Thursday Odds And Ends

By SuperSpy 

650 Million Years In 1:20 min – Watch more News Videos
– Nitro’s planning director Bobby Hui, has left the agency without a job to go to. (link)

– Making the rounds is a video featuring 650 Million Years In 1:20 min. Check it out above. (link)

– Taco Del Mar Selects R/West as its AOR. (link)


– There’s a new agency in Denver: Legwork. (link)

– Study: 95% of mobile users would use more data services if setup were easier. (link)

– Merrill Lynch CEO spent $1,220,000 on office renovation as company prepared to burn. (link)

– Five films about the U.S. production of food that deserve an Oscar nod. (link)

– If you live in New York, don’t miss the solo exhibition by James Jean at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. (link)

– Microsoft sees profits fall, starts massive layoffs. Guess all that expensive advertising isn’t working, hunh? (link)

– Americans of all ethnic groups are increasingly living and going to school together. Shopping is another matter. (link)

– Hoorah! Polaroid has been saved by an Austrian artist, Florian Kaps. (link)

– How to track Twitter clicks and get conversion data. (link)

– PC World’s list of ten websites that will matter in 2009. (link)

– Modista: Online shopping by visual similarity. (link)

– Six words that make your resume suck balls. (link)