Thursday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Mediaedge:cia lands Bacardi’s $200m global planning account without a pitch. link

-Mother opened an L.A. office with Devo (?!) as its flagship client. link

-Yahoo and Microsoft have been cleared to move forward with their search deal. link

-The $600M Merck media biz is up for grabs. link

-Coke “Live Positively” vs. Pepsi “Refresh Everything”: Who wins the soda war? link

-Entertainment marketing firm Bender/Helper Impact added former Ketchum executive Zlata Faerman to its New York office. link

-Today in media fails. link

-NBC nixed a plan to do an “it was all a dream”-style promo for Jay Leno’s Tonight Show return. link

-LG’s “Give it a Ponder” campaign, now with virtual beard. link

-Mediabank partners with Critical Mass to create global analytics scorecard. link

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