Thursday Odds and Ends

By Erik Oster 

-RPA, ShadowMachine and director Jed Hathaway “Go Deeper” to promote the Newport Beach Film Festival (video above).

-Havas Media appointed Peter Mears to the newly-created role of chief operating officer.

-Karmarama chief strategy officer and PrideAM founder Mark Runacus says agencies avoid featuring LGBT people in ads because “people fear the bigoted minority.”


-Pittsburgh’s Top Hat loves beer SO MUCH that it will work for any up-and-coming brewery without pay.

-Speaking of beer, BrewDog turned to the Studio of Art and Commerce for a global marketing campaign, marking the first time the 10-year-old “libertine craft brewery” has worked with an agency.

Los Angeles-based freelance copywriter Eileen Matthews launched a “100 Days of Feminist Ads” Instagram project. 

-Reel FX Animation Studios is launching a multi-platform content studio called Flight School.

-Shipyard, the agency launched by former Engauge CEO Rick Milenthal, spun off a separate practice called Smart Harbor that helps market insurance companies.

-ICYMI: Google wasn’t so crazy about that Burger King stunt.