Thursday Odds and Ends

By Patrick Coffee 

-Thanks to Camp + King and this Roman Coppola-helmed Re/Max campaign for inspiring us to Google “subway tile,” which we thought was slang for that weird grime that builds up over decades and never, ever comes off.

-The Truth About Cars blog argues that Audi’s Super Bowl message wasn’t really about female empowerment: It was about rich, educated consumers vs. poor white trash.

-More on Publicis Groupe’s Q4 results: the holding company had to write off $1.5 billion for digital, admitting that Sapient has not hit revenue targets. Maybe that’s why Arthur Sadoun got the big promotion.

-TGI Fridays hired former Taco Bell chief product marketing officer and Doritos Locos Tacos inventor Stephanie Perdue as its new CMO. Get ready, Made Movement and Meredith Xcelerated Marketing.

-Oink Creative released a list of 25 favorite radio spots released during the 25 years it’s been in business. (There’s also a podcast.)

-Do you know what it’s like to live in rural America today? Saatchi & Saatchi New York drove across the country to try and help y’all figure it all out.

-L.A. based content marketing agency Contend (Bud Light, Chrysler, Netflix, etc.) opened a new office in Moscow and debuted its Inverted Reality™ offering “Contend Immersive.” Don’t get it? Here’s a video.

-ICYMI, a bunch of creatives who may or may not work at R/GA New York turned #AlternativeFacts into a card game.

Only $2.3 million to pay for search ad click fraud? That’s unpossible!