Thursday Odds and Ends

By Erik Oster 

-Digital agency Fadeout worked with Basel Tourismus to create a Pokémon Go-themed video to promote tourism for the Swiss city featuring life-sized Pikachus wrecking havoc on unsuspecting victims (video above). 

Donald Fucking Trump recently declared the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania “a war zone” — so hometown agency Pavone launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for its war-torn citizens.

The ANA argues that an ordinance requiring special labels on “pre-sweetened beverages” in San Francisco violates the First Amendment.

Clean Design of Raleigh, North Carolina designed a series of Lenovo ads disguised as 500 Error messages that ran on Mashable and PC Magazine.

McCann’s Lex Singer, Sherman Winfield and Andy Sciamanna created Neverabilia, a site selling frames for fake sports memorabilia or “the non-existent games, shots, and moments you’ll never tell your grandchildren about.”

-MEC’s content division, MEC Wavemaker, appointed Danny Weitzkorn to the new role of content partnerships director

Raj Ramamurthy, art director at Ogilvy, is the most awarded student in the world with a total of 84 awards.

-The Drum explores “How driverless cars will revolutionize OOH advertising.”