Thursday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Yowsa! Italian coffee brand Lavazza launched their 2010 calendar. Steamy. Like coffee, and perky. OK I’m done. link

-0h my, Scarlett Johansson works for Mango now. link

-Leo Burnett Lisbon general CD Chacho Puebla was promoted to ECD at the newly formed Leo Burnett Iberia. link

-MySpace tries to reclaim its cool. Good luck with that. link

-NBC is helping Bon Jovi promote his album, which is how you know you don’t need to buy it. Or listen to it. link

-Taxi New York is offering a “Food Content Alerts” mobile/online service for the epicurious. link

-These breasts do not belong in automotive product advertising. link

-Chevrolet is about to start shop shopping. link

SNL don’t need no stinking Pepsi. It’s all about the Bud now. Yeah, the beer kind. I know, lame. link

-In case you missed it, Levi Johnston eats pistachios. link

-Google Wave continues to confuse the hell out of everyone. link

-Survey: More than 2/3 of marketers are bypassing traditional ads to reach customers directly. link

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