Thursday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

&#151 AOL and Yahoo! are battling it out during Advertising Week. link

&#151 There’s a story about how Google is back to acquiring things, and it’s on Yahoo!Tech, which seems a little odd. link


&#151 Ogilvy’s Seifert Praises Gray Despite Role in Scandal That Sent His Wife to Prison. link

&#151 GE thinks consumers need jet engines. link

&#151 Saatchi’s Mike Zuna went client side to Aflac. link

&#151 There’s a giant dairy account up for review and its name is Lactalis. link

&#151 Did Mackenzie Phillips really have sex with her dad? Who knows! link

&#151 For the launch of 2012, Sony plans to preview like half the friggin movie. Ugh. link

&#151 HP sells laptops for $298 at Wal-Mart and the tech world implodes. link

&#151 Mickey Mouse is one scary som’bitch. link