Thursday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-The protagonist in this BBH China spot for Harbin Beer doesn’t really know who his future self will be. But his present self is too drunk to drive.

-Muse by Clio has a list of ideas that worked in 2018.

-Prodco Tool wants to let agencies know it won’t compete with them directly. But it is signing CDs and strategists…


-Anomaly picked up Petco. Remember them?

-Juul closed a deal with tobacco giant Altria (Marlboro), which now owns 35 percent of the company.

-Accenture is running sponsored ads on Twitter about “becoming a Living Business.”

-Will Budweiser’s weed be as weak as its beer?

-The ANA wants the FTC to develop a single federal law regulating the collection of consumer data. We can already tell you the public won’t like it.

-Do you live in the Phoenix area? Would you like to buy a bunch of advertising awards from a poor art director? We have a deal for you!

-Press release of the week right here, readers: “the key to unlocking the power of Millennials is understanding that there is no key.” The SEO alone!