Thursday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-This new Burger King campaign by David Argentina claims the chain has a new deal for redheads only. But what about strawberry blondes?

-Old school agency bloke Paul Simons thinks maybe WPP got too close to the client in the Ford case.

-Colin Kaepernick wants to trademark an image of his face and signature afro for personal branding.


George Tannenbaum‘s advice for a rainy Thursday: don’t let the thugs knock you down.

-JWT recently launched a beauty, fashion, luxury and lifestyle brands agency called MiNY.

-The so-called “future of TV” has lots of confusing names, some of which are ad supported. Just put it all in one place!

-Ogilvy’s new UK boss Michael Frohlich admits that all the recent departures have been “rough” but it’s all for the best.