Thursday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-ColensoBBDO helped create “the world first solar-powered permanent bridge lighting fixture” for Vector Lights.

-Koch Industries is attempting to rebrand with a series of Super Bowl and Olympics ads designed to remind viewers that the company goes beyond its founders’ political activities. (And they have their own creative agency.)

-It’s Jeff Bezos’s world now. We just live in it.

-One British politician came up with a solution to the digital media duopoly: create his own Facebook! “Matt Hancock would like to access your camera.”

-In more U.K. news, property site Zoopla apologized for very generously using the phrase “me too” in a recent campaign on the London underground.

-New York “marketing and intelligence agency” BLKBOX hired former AB InBev CFO Brent Dial in that role and Brandon Weaver as managing director of brand experience.

-Comedy director Kevin Smith (no, not that one) signed with STORY for U.S. commercial representation.

-Serviceplan China chief creative officer Kathrin Guethoff was promoted to a position on the network’s creative board.

-Long Island agency ECG will lead 2018 creative strategy and digital marketing campaigns for KISS Products.