Thursday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-mcgarrybowen London made chocolate brand Green & Black’s first-ever TV spot with a Red Riding Hood theme.

-Publicis Groupe shares dropped today after growth rates of 1.2% failed to meet analysts’ 1.8% predictions. CEO Arthur Sadoun warned of a “volatile” market but assured investors that he’s got things under control. And we wonder why they’re skipping Cannes this year.

-For context: Unilever and Nestle also reported disappointing sales for Q3. We have seen the future, and it is not CPG.

-PepsiCo marketer and former Kendall Jenner fan Brad Jakeman pulled a Mildenhall by leaving to start his own consultancy. And his first client will be … Pepsi!

-On the creative side, onetime copywriter Paul Burke argues that agencies should just admit when they’re “covering” old campaigns, a la Guinness.

-Goodby Silverstein & Partners launched a “Device Free Dinner” campaign for nonprofit Common Sense Media starring Will Ferrell.

-The Guardian is diving deep into VR, even though they have no idea when it might start to make money. Sound familiar?