Thursday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-DDB Canada and Miley Cyrus answer the all-important question, “Won’t someone think of the bears?”

-Advertising Week is almost over…and still the world turns. But those who attended the 4A’s event last night did get to hear a full choir singing the Oscar Meyer Wiener song!

-ICYMI, mommy (The Cannes Lions Festival) and daddy (Martin Sorrell) are fighting.

-“Linear TV broadcasting’s ad growth is beginning to slow,” and nothing will take its place, according to a bunch of charts.

-adam&eveDDB CSO Alex Hesz explained how everyone is really a consultant, and we died a little inside.

-Barton F. Graf made fun of Marcel, the ad industry’s lowest hanging fruit.

Mark Penn strikes again: Stagwell Group acquired a majority stake in CAA Marketing.

-A brand new “creative editing and VFX boutique” company called Cabin opened in Santa Monica.