Thursday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Even Odell Beckham can’t make this McCann New York Verizon FiOS ad interesting. (We blame the client.)

-Enough with the memes and side projects: freelancer Rich Siegel proposes a “call in sick (of Trump) day.” But will Lee Clow respond to this call out?


-Ogilvy is all about that “new space economy.” And their colors are already red like Mars!

Dave Trott argues that awards aren’t everything. They’re the only thing.

-Can we please finally admit it’s advertisers and Zuckerbergs driving the “pivot to video” rather than young readers?

-Sir Martin loves his teams, and now he’s got another one for Italian spirits company Gruppo Campari.

-The Ad Council is launching a mobile geo-location game called “The League of Extraordinary Humans” as part of its “Love Has No Labels” campaign.

-Accenture dips into the agency well again, naming Wunderman Brazil’s Eduardo Bicudo to lead its Latin American operations.