Thursday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-IPG-owned agency The Brooklyn Brothers (who are British) launched this “Room With a View” effort for Mini. It is definitely not set in Brooklyn.

-KBS co-founder Jon Bond calls the ongoing ANA vs. 4A’s fight “industry suicide in slow motion.

-The Atlantic discusses TV advertising’s pending apocalypse, which will involve a whole lot of annoying bundles and monthly fees. Get ready!

-That said, virtual reality ads have yet to become a real thing.

-Porn site RedTube wants to advertise on the New York subway with the tagline “Where are you getting off today?” Clever, but our dumbass governor won’t buy it.

-Meanwhile in D.C., the ACLU has joined forces with PETA (ugh) and Milo Yiannopoulos (UGH) in challenging the Metro’s decision to ban certain ads.

-Get ready for “Generation Z” agencies. God help us all.

-Minneapolis agency Riley Hayes hired Karen Schultz, formerly of Clarity Coverdale Fury, as its new director of marketing.