Thursday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Johannes Leonardo launched its debut campaign for Bleacher Report with the anthem ad “Up Your Game,” featuring Allen Iverson (video above).

-Independent Minneapolis agency Periscope expanded with senior hires in its creative, strategy and media departments.

-Cannes attendees worry stricter bar and hotel admission policies will, like, totally kill the vibe, man.


-The Tory party votes M&C Saatchi.

-Rolls-Royce drives to Havas London.

Havas and Vivendi are the Ross and Rachel of the business world. Just get them together already!

-LG topped the list of advertisers who spent the most on new broadcast creative last week.

-Creative crisis manager Mark Wnek explains “Why Advertising Urgently Needs More Weird.”

-ESPN’s recent woes demonstrate that while TV is still “the biggest revenue game in town,” that revenue continues to shrink.