Thursday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-A Struthio camelus wearing Gear VR stars in Leo Burnett’s latest for Samsung, which debuted at an event introducing the brand’s new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus smartphones (video above).

-The Mexico City Metro installed a “penis seat” (labeled “For men only”) in a subway car to teach guys about the sexual harassment women face daily. There’s also a butt cam.

-Mondelez launched a creative review for its Cadbury brand, which has been with Fallon for eleven years.


-Madras Brand Solutions, the global creative and content agency which evolved out of Ad2Pro Brand Solutions, hired Mark Cerame as head of strategy. Cerame will work out of Madras’ New York offices alongside CCOs Bill Davaris and Andrew Ladden while collaborating with offices in London and India. 

-Cereal Partners appointed Mother as its global advertising agency for its Lion and Cheerios brands.

Telecom giants are pretty psyched that congress voted to repeal FCC privacy regulations adopted last fall (but not yet implemented).

-CBA London managing director Lewis Jones asks, “In politically divisive times should brands be picking a side?

-As cord-cutters continue to multiply, ESPN sticks to its cable bundle guns.

Oracle might acquire Accenture. Or not. Tomorrow is Friday!