Three Ads Launch Apple Watch

By Erik Oster 

Apple Watch launch day is here, and with it come three 60-second spots to help launch the device, presumably from TBWA/MAL.

The spots try to strike a balance between displaying the features of the device and how it integrates into, and supposedly elevates, everyday life.Each of the ads has a one word title correlating with a different aspect of the watch. In “Rise,” it’s how it integrates itself into different people’s morning routines, while “Us” explores its role in relationships. Probably the most convincing of the ads, “Up,” takes a look at how the watch can be used with physical activities and to remind you when it’s time to get up out of the chair.

That the way people use the device often come across as something of an impractical extravagance probably says more about the device itself than the ads, which are beautifully shot, sleek and well-paced. In “Up” they even make a case for the device serving practical means beyond being a neat gadget, but it’s hard to imagine the spots resulting in many fresh converts. Hardcore Apple fans and tech-savvy fitness gurus will be enticed, sure, but they’re probably standing in line for the device already anyway.