This T-Shirt Does Not Exist, but AgencySpy May Throw a Shindig

By Matt Van Hoven 

We have an idea: AgencySpy t-shirts. The execution goes a little something like this; there’s an arrow pointing up, and the copy on the front reads, “I was an Agency Spy.” On the back, it says, “But then someone took my drink.”

On that note, AgencySpy might be having a party in the near future. We’re thinking of Chelsea Brewery for the venue (see the poll below for other options), since we love beer and don’t leave the island. Or maybe we’ll do Merchant’s, since they have a cigar bar downstairs. Um, why don’t we make this easy, and you tell us.

The shindig will be on a convenient weekday, starting around 7ish and ending with awkward conversation and falafel. The first round is on…you.

But hell, it’s 2:45 a.m., and anything is possible. So tell us where you’d like to go. We promise not to take notes. The venue probably won’t have a “good” smell to it, but it will have plenty to drink. Here’s hoping we don’t make an ass of our(lightweight)selves.

Note: we don’t do Jersey (although we have seen it on a map). Tell us where you’d like to come hang out, and if none of the given options suit you, send us an e-mail/IM/Tweet, and we’ll consider your opinions…like your clients consider your best creative.

Where should the AgencySpy party go down?
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