This Publicis Conseil Spot for BNP Paribas Will Probably Remind You of ‘The Hangover’

By Erik Oster 

Publicis Conseil launched a campaign BNP Paribas around a pair of spots promoting the French bank’s mobile banking features.

In the more memorable of the ads, “Day After,” a man wakes up in a hotel room bathtub to find he’s due to check out in 30 minutes. He quickly discovers he’s gone on a spending spree of which he has no recollection. Obviously, the scene brings to mind the 2009 Todd Phillips comedy The Hangover (and to a lesser extent, its sequel, which was pretty much the same movie). The comparison (also noted by LBB) is pretty much unavoidable.

As the man moves through the room and discovers more items related to his apparent bender, he repeatedly increases his credit limit with the touch of a button. While clearly derivative of the aforementioned blockbuster comedy, it’s also a pretty clever and entertaining way to show off the feature.

Unfortunately, the second ad, “Dishes” fails to live up to the effort, showing two parents bribing an angsty goth teen to do chores as a way of showing off how easy BNP Paribas’ mobile payment feature is.

Agency: Publicis Conseil
Executive Creative Director: Olivier Desmettre, Fabrice Delacourt
Copywriter: Marc Rosier, (Digital) Sébastien Dudas
Art Director: Jean-Marc Tramoni, (Assist) Agathe Bailly
Strategy: Alexandra Mimoun, Etienne Averseng’
Account Management:César Croze, Eric Forest, Sébastien Hamburger, Amélie Houles-Beauclair, Vincent Jegu, Vanessa Matias
TV Producer: Armelle Sudron

Production Company: Henry
Producer: Amandine Ledrappier
Director: Nick Ball
DOP: Sebastian Blenkov

Post-Production: Frédéric Lubin

Sound Production: Esmeralda Léo