This Junior Copywriter Is Trying to Create a List of Contact Info for Every Creative in the Country

By Patrick Coffee 

Do you want an agency gig? Of course you do. Why else would you be reading this blog??

As we all know, people go to great lengths to land a paying job—hopefully with benefits—in this industry. There was the Lego application, the cover letter in cookie form, and, of course, the guy who posed as a donut delivery man. (Never did hear back from him…)

Young copywriter Billy Lucas has bigger plans. Since May, he has been working on “A Creative’s Guide to the Galaxy,” or the kind of thing one does with a good amount of free time.

In short, it is an ambitious attempt to list pretty much every notable creative in the country by city and agency, including links to each individual’s portfolio and email address. And Lucas acknowledges that it could make things a little weird.

“If you want to land that dream creative job, you’ll probably have to write some awkward introduction emails to creative directors,” he told us. “Compliment their work, leave a link to your portfolio, cross your fingers, and keep refreshing that inbox.”

It’s true. We can’t imagine how many such emails prominent CDs get every week. Lucas continued, “The Creative’s Guide to the Galaxy is a place where young creatives can go to click around and see who is making the kind of work they want to make, where they work, and a link to email them. All that’s left for you to do is nail down that email subject heading and some clever body copy.”

This may sound a little extreme, but Lucas made sure to give each of the dozens and dozens of people on this list an “opt-out” button in the form of a disclaimer encouraging people to email him if they want their names removed.

“As the website expands into more cities, the hope is it becomes a tool and a resource for everyone in the industry,” he said. “The more feedback it gets, the more useful it can be for all of us.”

In conclusion: “If this website only helps just one person land their dream job, well then, hopefully it’s me.”

The site remains a work in progress, but it does include quite a few listings for New York and Los Angeles.

And we are happy to report that Billy did, indeed, score a gig as a junior copywriter at Phenomenon in L.A. No word on whether this Guide was the deciding factor.