UPDATE: Dude Wipes ‘Skit’ Was Not An Approved Ad

By Erik Oster 

UPDATE: Apparently everyone involved in this project was so embarrassed about it that they’re trying to scrub it from the Internet. From lawyers representing Rob Drydek:

“[The video]¬†was made for Dyrdek’s MTV show Fantasy Factory and was never intended to be a Dude Wipes ad campaign. Dude Wipes uploaded the video to YouTube and Facebook without permission.”

Yesterday we learned that, thanks to a campaign from McCann New York for Tommee Tippee, you can wipe your baby’s ass with unwanted parenting advice. But what about your own? Don’t worry, bro, Dude Wipes has got you covered. The brand launched a 30-second spot starring MTV’s Rob Dyrdek and Chris Boykin as two pieces of shit (literally) named Plip and Plop.

The spot opens with Plip and Plop diving out of a butt and into a giant toilet bowl. After introducing themselves, the fecal duo tells viewers to reach for Dude Wipes to clean those dirty pipes. A man dressed as a wipe then cleans the giant butt, while another, portraying an asshole (you can’t make this shit up), thanks Plip and Plop for their help, as well as Dude Wipes.

The approach behind the spot, which would probably be Beavis and Butthead’s all-time favorite, it seems, is to squeeze as much potty humor as possible into 30 seconds for maximum shareability, especially among juvenile males. Dude Wipes’ brand itself seems to be built around appealing to guys who will only buy wipes if they’re explicitly told it’s for dudes, so the approach makes sense as does casting Rob Dyrdek and Chris Boykin as Plip and Plop. We’re not sure when the AXE-scented version rolls out.