These 2 Swedish Students Want to Intern at Droga5 So Badly They Remixed the 2016 Pixel Campaign

By Patrick Coffee 

How desperate are some aspiring creatives to intern at Droga5? We’re not sure you really want to know the answer to that question.

Andreas Karlsson and Noah Bramme are two first-year students at Stockholm’s Berghs School of Communication, the 7-time “School of the Year” at Cannes.

And as all students apparently know, applications for Droga5’s internship program are due in a little over a week.


The duo, eager to get ahead of the competition, worked on an early application. The idea is pretty simple: they remixed the agency’s 2016 Google Pixel campaign (same music, same themes) with footage of themselves.

As Bramme put it, “We basically had been making remakes of their Google Pixel Phone ads, but transformed them to an internship application.”

Skipping to the last one here for some vocal action.

We are not experts (we don’t even work in advertising!), but in the interest of constructive criticism we might say they could focus a bit more on developing their own ideas.

Like, for example, rapping about how much they love Sprite for 3 minutes.