There’s No Reason To Prohibit Homosexuals From the Hetero Misery That is Marriage

By Matt Van Hoven 

The brief description from this video’s YouTube page reads, “If you disagree with the homosexual lifestyle, why not overturn prop8 and make them get married, like the rest of us?” More often than not, the “sanctity” of marriage is overshadowed by your lover’s burgeoning belly. So while this anti-prop8 (read: pro-gay-marriage) spot from Saatchi may rely on weird logic, it still plays. Unfortunately, the sanctity of misery isn’t protected &#151 so as far as the court is concerned, it doesn’t.

Maybe that’s why the tipster who sent this called it Saatchi’s “swan song.” But that’s too bad because the reality of marriage is one thing (bellies, cheeseburgers, masturbation). And that thing happens to be the opposite of what the courts will focus on (butterflies and babies and no gays here).

NSFW for penis surfboard.

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