There’s a Douchey New Way to Call Your Douchey Co-Workers Douches

By Bob Marshall 

Our Anonymous Tips box is generally full of stuff like this. And, by “stuff like this” we mean little microsites based on a single idea for insulting someone or just complaining about one’s job.

Like most of the rest, we don’t know where “Declare Thyself” came from, or why someone spent the time to create a site that has such little functionality. Unlike the rest, “Declare Thyself” is just so stupid that we had to write about it. Given that we’re still experiencing a patriotic hangover from our 4th of July celebrations (‘MURICA, Y’ALL), I guess you could say that we’re suckers for declarations of independence, whether they be against a tea tax levied by the tyrant King George or against a creativity tax levied by a tyrant creative director.

“Declare Thyself” encourages users to “Download your declaration. Post it. Send it. Leave it in the lunchroom wrapped around a tuna salad sandwich.” We don’t think anyone will have the gravitas to do this, but if you’re in the office on July 5th, you might as well daydream about pulling a Jerry McGuire in your space.