There *May* Be Bedbugs at MediaVest

By Matt Van Hoven 

New York City is full of bugs, and possibly the worst among them are bed bugs. Saatchi, you know what I’m talking about. Today we have a memo from MediaVest explaining that there may be bed bugs in the building, and certain floors of the New York City shop will be closed for de-bugging measures. The only problem: once you’ve got em, you have to get a professional in there to take care of it. This is not a problem RAID can solve.

Unfortunately I’ve been told that all employees on the 7th and 13th floor are being asked to work from home tomorrow and Friday &#151 in advance of treatments this Saturday. No live bugs have been found &#151 however for a building this size, this is standard procedure.


At such short notice, there is not the capability to provide laptops off-site – or set up in conference rooms. Therefore we ask that you try to be as productive as possible from your home computer, blackberry, phone, or public access if needed, and connect with your supervisor to manage deliverables and deadlines.

This is not an emergency &#151 just a smart precaution.

No, bed bugs aren’t an emergency, but they are a nuisance. Something more annoying: sitting at home, doing all your work from your BlackBerry (carpal tunnel anyone?!), wondering if the small red mark on your ankle is a bed bug or a stress rash caused by the pile of work you can’t get done because of the damn bed bugs. Have a nice day.

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