The Year in McKinney

By Erik Oster 

Gingerbread BNB

For McKinney’s holiday offering, the agency released Gingerbread BNB, a site allowing visitors to book a virtual stay in one of three elaborate gingerbread houses (Modern Home, Rustic Cabin, or Cozy Camper), with proceeds going to Robin Hood, a New York “initiative to help homeless families off the streets and into safe homes.” After visitors select their gingerbread house to rent or give as a gift they can book their stay and share a postcard and feel good knowing they’ve helped someone in need find a home for the holidays.

The holiday card for McKinney caps off the year on the heels of the agency’s holiday spot for Samsung featuring Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard.

A short roundup of 2014 news and campaigns from McKinney after the jump.

McKinney in 2014:

Account/People News


  • McKinney teamed up with Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard for Samsung, with this cuteness-overload spot that preceded the aforementioned holiday ad:

  • That same month, the agency creeped us the hell out with this campaign for Sennheiser:

When they weren’t getting cute with celebrity couple or creeping us out with ear love, McKinney spent time bashing Apple for Samsung, channeling Golden Girls for ESPN’s SEC Network, ruining the integrity of battle for Mentos and scaring the crap out of galeophobes for Travelocity.

Now what did we miss?