‘The Women’ Movie Seeks Visceral Experiences

By Matt Van Hoven 

To start off your Friday, here’s a ‘viral’ piece for the recent release of “The Women”. Written and produced by Scott Blaszak, ‘Goodbye Mary’ focuses on a man who breaks up with his ‘girlfriend’ via webcam video. The punchline: he was hired by a marketing company to date Mary, as part of a viral marketing campaign for the release of the movie “The Women” (which has made a whopping $10.1 million at the box office so far, by the way).

Anyway, in this Dear Jane video, the faux-boyfriend alerts “Mary” that he was only making $14 per hour to date her, but the experiences with him over the last three months were real. The purpose of this guerilla campaign, he divulges, was to help Mary feel connected to one of the characters in “The Women”, who realizes her husband has been cheating on her. It’s actual branding! (Ed’s note: but with an iron like the ones they use on the stubborn bulls)

Brand new? No. Still smart? Yes.

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