The Week in Advertising Episode 16

By Matt Van Hoven 

Those of you who dislike me have more reason to, now that I resemble Mario, the adventuring video game character. This week on the show, Charlie Rose’s interview with MySpace co-founders Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson, more on Michael Phelps’s sticky-icky sponsorships, two spoof ads that will make you tinkle yourself and more of the random moments we hope will make you chortle.

Speaking of disliking me, someone sent me an anonymous tip telling me I should get a job in advertising if I am going to be making commentary on the industry. Then said tipster called me, “a fucking palooka” &#151 which is an inexperienced boxer.

First of all, there are no advertising jobs right now &#151 especially for inexperienced hack bloggers like myself. Secondly, to him/her I say, at least I’m in the ring. Hope you’re enjoying the fight from out there in the stands where no one can see your face, and your remarks resemble a peanut being tossed at the ring as the boxers go at it. Sure, my left punch is a little weak, but you couldn’t knock this blogger down with a Mack truck.

Enjoy the show.

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