The Ultimate Ad Combo: Martinis, Cars, Driving Near Animals

By Matt Van Hoven 

Well, this is a stupid campaign. Here’s a print piece for the Skoda Yeti, an SUV. The work comes from Cayenne (the name of a German SUV, mind you), a Milan-based shop that also threw in the tagline: “Love it on the rocks.”

As AnimalNewYork points out, “is there a worse setting to place a motor vehicle product shot then IN an alcoholic drink?”

Nope. But Italians, they aren’t so worried about things like this. After all, they’re better at drinking and the campaign wasn’t created for the US where we’re uptight as hell about, you know, people dying in drunk driving accidents. Go figs.

Also bad: driving your car where wildlife roam. Get out and walk maybe!

Via AdsOfTheWorld

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