The Spy Who Loved You

By SuperSpy 

We’ve been tagged before, but normally they come with a slew of questions like “how much bread do you earn?” Or, something totally lame such as, “what’s your favorite color?” We’re not going to waste your time or ours with such silliness. However, we got tagged by the lovely Rob Campbell with a very free-form, Q&A that we thought (in light of us being anonymous) might bring us all closer together. Here’s the rules:

a. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

See our answers after the jump.

b. People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog [about their eight things] and post these rules.c. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

Instead of tagging another blogger, we’d like to address a post that went up today over at Marketing Conversation that ponders the differences between social media types and the core of us cloak-and-dagger advertising bloggers.

“But then there’s the folks who have been in advertising a bit longer. They’re not digital dumb and they’re not skeptical of all of what social media people talk about. But they’ve been through a lot and they’ve got great insight and they have their finger on the pulse of how the ad industry is and how it’s changing. They usually understand the mentality of clients better than frustrated social media strategists who often rightfully complain that the traditional marketing types “don’t get it”, but mistakenly view established strategies and venues as being completely ineffective and obsolete.

The thing that is most telling is that many of the traditional types that blog won’t reveal their true identity. They create certain personas in order to be able to write freely. I get the impression that they’re itching to tell it like it is, but don’t want to deal with all the blowback.”

HighJive, Tangerine Toad, Agency Tart, Daily Ad Biz, Where’s My Jetpack, AdBroad, Tribble, et al. What do you think about that statement and MC’s whole theory? Why are you anonymous?

1. Height: 5’9. Weight: 128 pounds. Age: 29. Shoe size: 10 We coulda been a baller. We coulda been somebody.

2. In our fridge (we just checked) you will find condiments, a pork chop from last night, OJ, Ginger Ale, two sliced pears, lettuce, two tomatoes, half and half, coffee, Beaufort cheese, cookie dough, something that once reassembled pork sausages (must deal with that), a Brita pitcher, eggs, bacon, a very lonely red pepper and a bottle of Stoli.

3. We can play the violin and piano quite well. Hmm… thinking of taking up the cello for the past month or so.

4. The last three books we read were Sophie Calle’sDid You See Me”; Jeffrey Toobin’s “The Nine” and Umberto Eco’s “Turning Back The Clock.” We are currently reading Neil Gaiman and Michael Reeves’ “Interworld.”

5. Three favorite shows currently on TV: The Wire, Friday Night Lights and The Mighty Boosh.

6. Our mother’s Xmas gift is sitting beside us. You see… we mailed it two days after Xmas. Hey! Barnes and Noble didn’t have it in stock! So, we mailed it, but um… we mailed it to the wrong address. It’s 251. We mailed it to 62. How we made such an awful mistake? Zero idea. UPS said they would mail it back to us, but we missed the delivery man three times. We picked it up today at the UPS depot center. It was a nightmare. It totally sucked and our Mom thinks we’re retarded.

7. We kill at Dead or Alive. You can’t beat us. Ain’t gonna happen punk.

8. On Wednesday, we are going to hear George Romero speak at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens followed by a screening of his film, Diary of the Dead.