The Snuggie Pub Crawl

By Matt Van Hoven 

We don’t know who, when or where, but we do know why a group of people have thought up the Snuggie Pub Crawl. Who wouldn’t want to spend a day drinking and singing Piano Man, whilst wearing a maroon reverse-robe? If this idea doesn’t sound fantastic to you, you’ve completely missed the boat. Get excited, because the Snuggie Pub Crawl is coming to New York.

The event(s) and accompanying site are not affiliated with the actual brand. But they do have a good reason for being &#151 proceeds from the crawls go to the AC Orphanage in Arusha,Tanzania (learn more here).

The benefits of drinking in a Snuggie are many. It’s a bib, will keep you warm, tells your friends where you are at all times, and will probably get you free beers from admiring drunkards. Furthermore by wearing one, a person becomes a part of the social fiber that has made the product so popular to begin with. These brave drinkers will shirk the notion that the Snuggie is a garment relegated to the couch on Friday nights. Nay, it is a piece of cultural iconography unlike any other from our time &#151 and it is to be worn proudly as you stumble from bar to bar, spilling beer and mustard and dignity to and fro.

And though we haven’t heard of this happening yet, we really hope Snuggie doesn’t go all Snickers about people drinking and snuggie-ing. Because, you know, people are actually buying the friggin things and then oh they’re taking them out of their homes &#151 something the advertisers certainly never thought up nor could they have implemented had they thought it up because it’s a totally organic thing. You know?

OK maybe we’re still a little confuddled about Snckrz and that’s coming out here. But you can bet we’ll be on the Snuggie bar crawl.

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