The Same Thing That Happens Every Super Bowl Has Happened Again

By SuperSpy 

We don’t normally read AdAge, but today, it got nasty and caught our eyeballs. Jonah Bloom and his troops rolling in the mud talking about sex? Hot.

One of today’s articles comes with the title, “Not So Nice Beaver!!” It’s about a recently banned Super Bowl ad that features the word beaver, in lieu of vagina. That’s right. We said. VAGINA. We give writer Mike Tunnicliffe props for purposely redacting the name of the company. Check out the behind the scene video above if you have no idea who we’re talking about. Props also go to’s CEO Larry Kutscher, who is one of the nameless company’s rivals, for this statement:

“[Company name deleted] for the fourth year in a row has run a commercial in the Super Bowl that doesn’t talk about its customers, its services, or what they do. Instead, it has elected to focus on scantily clad women and shock value for the purpose of creating some buzz. We believe businesses are looking for answers, not just flash and sex.”

Okay, seriously? Forget about their stupid ads and the stupid stunt of making something so offensive that it has to be banned. They just have crappy service and their website? It’s a consumer nightmare.