The Richards Group: Home Depot, Yogurt And Fat Ass Paychecks

By SuperSpy 

Home Depot has narrowed down the contenders for the $580 creative account to Hill, Holliday, JWT, GSD&M Idea City in Austin, Texas, and the incumbent, independent The Richards Group in Dallas.

Meanwhile, The Richards Group aka The Firm has just landed frozen yogurt retailer, Red Mango. The PR folks penned a little blurb for Stan Richards’ that reads:

“Consumers in Los Angeles and New York – and other cities lucky enough to have Red Mango so far – have really come to enjoy this all-natural, nonfat, all-day dessert, and we’re excited to partner with them to introduce this popular yogurt to the rest of the country.”

Look at them go – already selling, already positioning. The Firm doesn’t muck around. They’re all business and so very old school (suits and ties went out the door in the past two years) with an insular culture full of rules like mandatory sign-ins via computer at 8:30 a.m. every day. Miss the time deadline and expect to be fired. That said, the pay is apparently outstanding, like you know…big time cash-o-la. The company website reads: “Very deep, very stable. That’s how we describe our staff.” It’s an old boys club with a few female players. For those who can hack The Firm, the rewards include a fat pay check and company ski/fishing trips making the issue of retention a non-starter.