The Price of That $5 Cappuccino Gets You a Full Month of Coffee at Burger King

By Doug Zanger 

Burger King has a decent track record with their app and launching some deals that troll some of its competitors. McDonald’s is usually in the brand’s crosshairs, as evidenced by a fairly epic 1-cent Whopper deal that FCB New York was behind last December.

Now, the court jesters of QSR and the same agency have another trick up their sleeve: a coffee subscription service for only $5 per month. According to the brand, for the price of a large Starbucks cappuccino, you can order some joe on the app, walk in and get your morning fix. If you like a simple cup of coffee, this is for you as the promotion doesn’t include specialty, iced or frappé versions.

A nifty video explains how it works and does get a little jab in at Starbucks over that whole names being spelled wrong thing—which isn’t really a thing anymore if you order from the Starbucks app.


So we’ve had 1-cent Whoppers and $5 coffee so far. If the brand and agency are thinking of the next thing to promote on the cheap, we may be open to something of the onion ring variety. Just saying.


Client: Burger King

Global Chief Marketing Officer, Burger King: Fernando Machado
Head of Global Brand, Burger King: Marcelo Pascal
Global Brand, Burger King: Rogelio Magana
Head of Marketing, Burger King North America, Renato Rossi
Advertising, Media and Communications, Burger King North America: Diego Suarez
Media, Traditional, Digital and Social, Burger King North America: Jorge Oliveira
Social Media and Digital Marketing, Burger King North America: Flavia Guetter
Digital and Technology, Burger King North America: Elizabeth Greenberg
Mobile App Manager, Burger King North America: Manuel Medina
CRM and Technology, Burger King North America: Preston Nix
Media, Traditional and Digital, Burger King North America: Madeline McDermott

FCB New York

Chief Creative Officer: Ari Halper
Executive Creative Director: Gabriel Schmitt
Associate Creative Director – Copy: Laszlo Szloboda
Associate Creative Director – Art: Alex Sprouse
Director of Integrated Production: Adam Isidore
Senior Producer: Henna Kathiya
Account Director: Sarah Tarner
Project Manager: Jesse Morris

Office of Development & Design

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Executive Creative Director: Gary Breslin
Executive Producer: Matthew Turke
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