The ‘President’ Supports Landlines Over Mobile

By Bob Marshall 

If you haven’t cut off your phone landlines completely already, take a minute to consider when they might come in handy. You don’t want a dropped call to occur when you’re on the phone with the Russian Prime Minister, do you? Not that we’re saying Vladimir Putin hasn’t ever wrestled with less-than-optimal reception, but people can take things the wrong way.

This new round of spots from Darling Agency for Insight Communications touts the benefits of using a landline to unbelievers and people who have might have just been using cell phones since leaving their parents’ houses. They call it Phone 2.0 (seriously), a phone jack that gives unlimited calling, voicemail and caller ID for $25 a month. About half the cost of a mobile phone plan, at least in our opinion, sounds like a pretty reasonable price, right? Okay, so we get that the president might need a landline, but in the case of the average Joe, when does it come in handy? Insight will tell you, in two more spots after the jump with credits following. Oh, to see the world through the eyes of an empty phone jack.

CD/CW: Kelly Zuk
AD: Josh Schweser
Designers: Ilgin Sezer, Katelyn Calautti
Dir./Prod. Co.: Jeroen Bours/Darling Films, New York
Producer: Evelyn Brady-Watters