The Noid Returns as CP+B and Domino’s Promise to Pay You Back for Weekend Pizza

By Patrick Coffee 

The relationship between CP+B and Domino’s is strong despite the fact that six VP-level staffers working on the account quit their jobs this week to launch their own venture. As if to prove it, here’s a new spot that serves as the latest chapter in the company’s ongoing attempt to reinvent itself by focusing less on its core product and more on the convenience and savings it offers consumers.

This one is pretty straightforward, even though Domino’s doesn’t really have anything to apologize for.

Most bars don’t have happy hours on weekends either, and it’s because that’s when they do their best business, duh.

As history’s very first useful YouTube comment put it, “The whole point of the ‘Large 3 topping $7.99 Monday through Thursday Carryout Only’ deal was it got people to come in on the less-busy days.” And $7.99 does feel kind of cheap for a three-topping pizza.


We were struck by the reappearance of The Noid, which will inspire either fond memories or nightmares for any kid who grew up in the ’80s. Get ready for a flashback.

Wasn’t Claymation great?

You guys all probably know this, but we are currently engrossed by a 2014 Fast Company piece about how The Noid (created by Group 243) died an ignobile death.

The character, which the writer calls “a terrible corporate mascot,” inspired a paranoid schizophrenic named Kenneth Lamar Noid to take several Atlanta-area Domino’s employees hostage in 1989 with the help of a .357 mangum.

Group 243 later got swallowed by Ross Roy Advertising after (understandably?) losing the $50 million Domino’s account in 1991.

We’re quite surprised to see The Noid return, given that he didn’t even get a line in this 2001 Simpsons episode. (Don’t let anyone tell you Season 10 was the last decent one. It was Season 14.)

Seems like the company is very quietly bringing him back. The campaign site includes various prizes like this “Noid Gift Pack.”

noid gift pack

Someone get Tim and Eric on it. No way they could come up with anything more insane than this.