The New Yahoo! is All About You Not in Front of Your Computer

By Matt Van Hoven 

Ogilvy & Mather, you’ve created a splendiferous ad for Yahoo!, a company that does stuff on the Web but not as good as Google lately so they’re trying to get things going again. This piece, entitled ‘Anthem’ is basically the exact opposite of Google’s advertising &#151 which typically runs only online and reeks of poor production value.

‘Anthem’ is a beautifully mastered, joy-inducing commercial. Wonderful looking people do interesting things in exotic looking places while a voice over makes you want to hop up and down before bungee-jumping off some far-away cliff or a rushing waterfall.

Which is sort of the problem I have with this commercial, and this type of work in general (with full exclusion to Schweppervescence). Yahoo! is a product you’re most likely to use while you’re sweating a little in front of your computer, not when you’re in the middle of a desert (possibly also sweating) shooting a rose pedal gun. Yeah, the imagery was sweet and maybe some folks will swoon over it or whatever.

This is just one opinion, which doesn’t really mean anything in the bigger picture, but I have no idea what this new Yahoo! is all about &#151 other than spending money on an idea rather than trying to make that idea happen. No offense to Ogilvy, of course. Nice MadMen shout out, btw.

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Via VentureBeat

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