The New Corona Ad Featuring Snoop and Bad Bunny Is Weirdly Enjoyable

By Doug Zanger 

We’re not sure if Corona (and, by extension, MullenLowe) is trying to “make fetch happen” here, but the new chapter in the Snoop Dogg-fronted campaign is odd, weird but, for some reason, enjoyable.

Let’s get to the attempt at a cultural moment. A seashell (presumably a mini-conch) rings. Snoop picks it up. He tells reggaeton sensation Bad Bunny that he shouldn’t be calling on his “Shellphone.” Get it? Of course, you do. And we kind of hope it happens, because it’s funny.


Then, there’s another play on words.

Snoop: Where you at, player?
Bad Bunny: No, no. It’s not player. It’s playa.

They’re on the beach.

From there, it’s merely some back and forth between the two. On the surface, one might wonder what’s going on here. What makes this ad good (to us, at least) is that there is no tight structure, and it feels (alert: marketing-speak forthcoming) authentic and natural.

Perfunctory brand quote:

“We are excited to further our partnership with one of the hottest artists in music today, international superstar Bad Bunny,” said Ann Legan, vice president of brand marketing, Corona. “In addition to Corona and Bad Bunny’s shared Latino heritage, we felt his vibrant and colorful personality are a perfect embodiment of the La Vida Más Fina lifestyle.”

Sometimes, it’s good to have an ad like this that doesn’t try too hard and is just some good-natured fun. It seems like Corona and MullenLowe have some space to let this “La Vida Más Fina” thing breathe, and with Snoop in the lead role, who knows where this all might lead.

In the meantime, let’s make shellphone happen, folks.