The Martin Agency Contemplates ‘Bumper Stickers’ for Geico

By Erik Oster 

The Martin Agency launched a new “Bumper Stickers” spot for Geico, the latest in its “Take A Closer Look” series.

In this case, the spot, directed by Tool’s Benjamin Weinstein, takes a closer look at an RV covered in apparently sentient bumper stickers. After a man remarks, upon learning how much his friend saved on car insurance, that he should take a closer look at Geico, the stickers discuss all the types of vehicles the company insures. A moose sticker then asks, “What’s an RV?” — unaware he’s been stuck to one for years.

“For this particular spot, we wanted to reinforce that Geico insures RVs. And nothing says a well-travelled RV like road-stop gift-store stickers,” The Martin Agency senior copywriter Ken Marcus told Adweek. “There’s a lot more to Geico than just car insurance. We really wanted folks to investigate further on their own, as well as carry on the quirky humor of the brand.”

Unsurprisingly, filming bumper stickers on the back of an RV is not the most exciting shoot in the world. Luckily, Marcus told Adweek, the account team brought cards and poker chips.

“Oh, and we saw an injured bear on the side of the road on the way to set,” he added. “So we called the park ranger. Who says advertising doesn’t make a difference?”

Previous spots in the series examine a “Cuckoo Clock” and “Decorative Plates.” The absurd and self-referential approach is, of course, very much in the vein of The Martin Agency’s other work for the client.