The Latest Bullet in Advertising’s Already Bloody Feet

By Matt Van Hoven 

Today’s announcement of the results from the Madison Avenue Project weren’t all that surprising. One reader noted that the only surprise he though could come from the results would be that “everything is OK.” But as we found out, everything is not OK, and pretty soon Cyrus Mehri (the palest guy in the pic) will have built the biggest class action lawsuit to ever hit the ad industry &#151 one that could potentially the big guys down a peg or $XX million.

The study found that over all, blacks are underpaid, under-hired an under-utilized in such staggering frequency that not filing a class action lawsuit at this point would be like America not sticking a bayonet up Germany’s ass in WW2. It’s gotta be done. Heads must roll, everything must change.

And we haven’t even started talking about, you know, all the other ethnic minorities that are fundamentally shafted by advertising.

Mehri said in no uncertain terms today that he is building a class action suit. It was also mentioned that in order for change to come about, people need to stand up and share their stories, basically to feed Mehri’s growing fire. At long last, justice will be served Mehri will make more money.

Regardless of what anyone thinks of these findings, Mehri’s background is the most important thing to pay attention to. With huge, noteworthy cases against Coke, Ford, Morgan Stanley and others under his nice leather belt, agencies will take heed to:

A. Get their collective diversity programs in order, if they haven’t already.
B. Find out who they’ve screwed in the past, and make nice.
C. Put their heads between their legs, grip their shins, and hope their aortas don’t explode upon impact.

Will a Diversity Class Action Suit Hurt the Big Shops?
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