The Last Odds and Ends of 2012

By Kiran Aditham 

-Who are the most creative women in advertising? Business Insider would like to know. link

Complex lists its 25 things that need to be retired from 2012. link


-In the wake of announcing its much-maligned new terms of service, Instagram has reportedly lost nearly a quarter of its daily active users. link

-A little late, but what the hell. Let’s let the folks at Chicago-based, WPP-owned Designkitchen wish everyone happy holidays with the help of a Kinect, a few Arduinos, several relay switches and thousands of lights (above).

-Could JCPenney, Mitsubishi and Martha Stewart Living all disappear next year? link

-Pepsi and its new global brand ambassador, Beyonce, are launching a photo contest tomorrow that will let 100 fans join her on stage during her halftime performance at the Super Bowl on Feb 3. Um, yay? link

-iMedia Connection offers its own 13 ad predictions for 2013. link

Just a heads up that we’ll be back live and ready to roll on Wednesday, Jan. 2. Wishing you and yours a safe and happy New Year’s. See you on the other side.