The Guide To Marketing On Facebook

By SuperSpy 

Facebook recently had to apologize to advertisers and consumers about their new system Beacon. Apologies schmologies. Let’s face it – Facebook still makes your clients sweat with anticipation for their big dreams.

To your rescue comes Facebook’s Justin Smith who is hear to help marketers who “lack a comprehensive understanding of the vast array of explicit and implicit marketing channels Facebook offers” with The Facebook Marketing Bible. The table of contents reads like this:


I. Tools for Guerilla Marketers

1. Profile Page
2. Groups
3. Pages
4. Events
5. Notes and Photos
6. Messages
7. Marketplace
8. Share / Posted Items
9. Networks
10. Mini Feed and News Feed

II. Tools for Advertisers

11. Social Ads
12. Integrated Opportunities
13. Beacon
14. Polls
15. Facebook Platform Ad Networks
16. Facebook Platform Application Sponsorships
17. Sponsored Facebook Groups

III. Tools for Application Developers

18. Profile Box
19. Mini Feed
20. News Feed
21. Invitations
22. Facebook Notifications
23. Email Notifications
24. Application Directory

Read the entire manual here.