The Future: We Were Asked to Write It, Now It Has Been Written

By Matt McCarron 

W+K has released two follow-ups to the their wildly successful “Write the Future” commercial, entitled, “The Future Has Been Written.” The first spot, presumably b-roll from the original commercial, opens with a five-second close-up of a newspaper, followed by three seconds of the Spanish players (from the original spot) fake laughing, then “The Future Has Been Written” appears, then three more seconds of fake laughing, then the swoosh.

The second “The Future Has Been Written” spot features various members of the Spanish team training with young male soccer players wearing yellow shirts (left over from a LiveStrong shoot?). Can’t blame W+K though, even the Nike budget must be a bit tight after piecing together the multi-celebrity, multi-location, and highly edited “Write the Future” commercial, which, let’s not forget, was directed by two-time Academy Award-nominated writer-director, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.


Our only critique of this spot is that W+K chose to open with a close-up of Carles Puyol. There’s a reason why his American counterpart, Howard Stern, went into radio and not television.

Check out the second spot after the jump.