The ‘Fanwagen’ is Better Than You at Social Media

By Bob Marshall 

We’ve all been there: Cruising in our VW Beetle, blasting something along the lines of Belle and Sebastian or Rilo Kiley, and thinking, “Gosh, this sure is swell. But, it would be so much more swell if my wheels displayed my Facebook profile to everyone else on the road.” Well, get ready for a gnarly swell, because Dutch agency Achtung! is building the VW Fanwagen, the “most social car ever.”

Much like the whoever wins next year’s presidential election, this vehicle is “built on Likes,” and a visitors to the Fanwagen’s website can use their own Facebook Like capabilities to vote for their favorite classic VW, with the winning model actually turned into a functioning social media machine.

So, what’s included on the Fanwagen? As the announce tells us, “The Feed-O-Matic allows users to print their friends latest status updates, straight from the dashboard. Looking for the poke button? It’s sitting pretty on the steering wheel, ready to ask for attention from anyone on the road. And next to the Birthday notification system and the Friend finder (a map with all your friends hometowns plotted on it), the lucky winner will even be able to set his or her relationship status on the license plate. That will help avoid those uncomfortable situations if you get stuck in traffic. Should you hit things off, you can easily adjust to ‘adjust the privacy settings’. How? By opening or closing the curtains built into the car.”

As of right now, the T1 hippie bus is beating out the Beetle with 75 percent of the votes. There’s no word yet on who actually gets to have the Fanwagen, but we’re sure Mark Zuckerberg will have the first crack at any additional models that are produced.