The Escape Pod Launches ‘Falling Letters’ for Wheat Thins

By Erik Oster 

Chicago-based agency The Escape Pod crafted a pair of “Falling Letters” spots for Wheat Thins in collaboration with production company Station Film.

Both ads feature a man interviewing his subject about snacking habits (“Real people. Paid participants.”) as, in the background, letters fall from a giant Wheat Thins billboard, crushing cars below them.


As the letters fall, the sign spells out “Eat This” and the interviewer asks his subject to read the message. The brand seems to be selling this as prankvertising, or at least the names for the videos on YouTube (such as “Dude STUNNED when Wheat Thins Billboard Falls onto Parked Cars”) make it seem that way, but it’s kind of hard to imagine anyone falling for it.

According to Station Film’s Justin Reardon, there was a degree of spontaneity to the ads:

“The Wheat Thins client showed a lot of trust because there was no blueprint for what The Escape Pod wanted to do. It took a dedicated team fueled by a lot of open minds. And I think it all paid off and was lots of fun, too!”


Client: Wheat Thins

Spot Names: Falling Letters

First Air Date: 2/9/15

Agency: The Escape Pod

Executive Creative Director:   Vinny Warren

Managing Director: Norm Bilow

Agency Exec Producer: Kent Kwiatt

Producer: Mary Ann Holecek

Creative Director: Kurt Lenard

Art Director: David Harper

Copywriter: Felicity Pal

Production Co.: Station Film

Director: Justin Reardon

Exec Producer (s): Michael Di Girolamo, Caroline Gibney

Producer: Norman Reiss

DP: Ross RIchardson

Editorial Co.: Cutters

Editor: Matt Walsh

Music & Sound Design Co.,:  Roll Sound Inc