The Ener…er…Duracell Bunny

By Matt Van Hoven 

We started rolling through our e-mails today before drinking enough coffee to feel alive, which is probably why when we saw the above ad, we didn’t jump out of our chairs when we realized Ogilvy’s latest Duracell ad employs…a pink bunny…again.

OK, so maybe our ideas tend to fly in the face of branding &#151 but can’t we get away from the effing rabbit already? We’re not convinced that somewhere there exists some fluffy pink robot that rocks Parkour harder than David Belle.

Nonetheless, the dudes at Aardman Animations did a killer job putting this work together. Blame Ogilvy Paris for a completely uncreative take on what’s been done time after time. Yeah, we know, the client makes the decision. But just think about what Don Draper or The Richards Group would do in such a situation…

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