The Effies Have Had About Enough of Your Fake Case Studies

By Patrick Coffee 

If this year’s Cannes Festival taught us anything, it’s that case study awards show entries often look and smell a whole lot like bullshit. You know: the ads that never actually ran; the apps that never worked; the creative directors who did no real work in coming up with the idea that scored their agencies a gold. We’re not naming any names, but even David Lubars admits that this kind of stuff happens all the time.

The Effies are in on that not-quite joke, and New York’s Walrus manages to have some fun with the concept in a new campaign promoting this year’s event. The first spot “Logos” plays on the “received coverage in X, Y, and Z” section of every case study video in which the agency brags about how many overextended bloggers looked at their PR pitches and said, “Content!!”

You might notice a certain weblog’s logo on the left side of this gentleman’s screen…but no BuzzFeed. SAD.
The next spot, “Sales,” reaffirms the common suspicion that the numbers you see included in those case studies often mean little or nothing. But isn’t this kind of like the common struggle to prove that impressions translate to money being exchanged for goods/services, or that advertising actually works in the first place?

Ooh, that was good spin. We like.

Next comes one of those projects that is so filled with good vibes and positivity for the human race that you might just explode thinking about how awesome it is, or at least act like a smug douche for coming up with the idea that you probably stole from a 1997 OOH campaign even though you can’t remember which agency made it.

Finally, “over the shoulder impressions” sounds so close to believable that we could swear we’ve read it in a past media campaign blurb.

For some reason, we were once surprised to learn that many agencies hire people whose entire job consists of submitting stuff to awards shows. We were so naive on that day 9 months ago.

Effies season is upon us. Send them your work.


Client: Effie Worldwide, Inc./North American Effie Awards
Agency: Walrus
Chief Creative Officer: Deacon Webster
Art Director: Evan Vosburgh
Head of Integrated Production: Valerie Hope

Production Company: Whiteboard Pictures
Producer: Jonathan Yaniv
Director: Jacob Sillman
First Assistant Director: Nadia Fedchin
Director of Photography: Christopher Parente
First Assistant Camera: Cameron Femino
Gaffer: Forest Erwin
Grip: Justin Chen
Sound Mixer: Chris Scott
Art Director: Cory Nicholas
Hair & Makeup: Lani Barry
Production Assistant: Liz Bendelac
Production Assistant: Megan Brittan
Production Assistant: Mark Stepanov
Casting: Whiteboard Pictures
Actors: Anthony Michael Lopez, Rikki-Lee Millbank, Marc Levasseur, Morné Vogel, Carmen Mendoza, Andrew Colford, Mike Holt
Voiceover Artist: Kevin Cummings
Voiceover Casting: Carrie Faverty, The Sound Lounge

Locations donated by: Red Fuse Communications and The Sound Lounge