The Dilemma Of American Airlines

By SuperSpy 

American Airlines? Lets see… They reported today that systemwide traffic, capacity and load factor fell in September. AA just wants to go whole hog about it. The airline was also ranked 8 out of 10 on being the worst of the big ten American airline companies. Considering that consumers are constantly pissed at both the airline and the industry a new ad campaign, might be a good thing. One that addresses the concerns of fliers directly, yeah?

Roger Frizzell, vice president of advertising and corporate communications for American Airlines, said: “As with all of our advertising, we wanted to develop the best story that relates to our customers.

So, they focus on business class fliers in the ad above, which was created by TM Advertising.. Hmm… yes, business/first class is where airlines traditionally make c-c-cash. Yet, transatlantic business class fares are dropping due to market competition. Yet, this ad focuses on those fares. Plus, AA is jacking up these corporate travels in an attempt to try and double down.

The airline industry is tricky sure, but erm… companies are already cutting back on business travel due to the economic climate. But, wait – how many regular consumers will be flying at all this year? Oh what a dilemma! It’s all bad.

What do you think? Would it have been better to target the business class or general consumers in this new campaign?

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