The Destructive Comments Genome Project Hatches

By Kiran Aditham 

Whether its creation can be attributed to sincerity, madness or utter boredom, the Destructive Comments Genome Project has nevertheless been launched by Tampa-based CD/copywriter George Fuller. What is it, pray tell? Well, according to the man himself, the DCGP is a “definitive” list that he’s compiling of all the scathing back-and-forth barbs shared between creatives and account managers revolving around client work.

Fuller’s goal it seems is to highlight the fragile dynamic between the right and left-brainers and the flippant remarks that can turn the internal office atmosphere from constructive to destructive. The 30-year ad vet, who for some reason desires to be “the national repository of insults…that drive us all nuts”, is soliciting input from the advertising masses on the DCGP homepage. Here, you can check out the current list, which is split into comments from the creative and account end. Though from initial glance, Fuller could take more liberties with the amount of actual profanity that’s spouted within these conversations.


If you’re not sold yet, the head of Cranial Garage also offers you his music video “The Fight Song,” a bluegrass-rock ditty which despite its questionable production value and songcraft, better illustrates the goal of the Project.

You feeling destructive yet?