The Debate Over Efficacy of Crowdsourcing on Industry Continues

By Matt Van Hoven 

Ann Arbor, Michigan based Phire Branding (site) got our attention with this line about crowdsourcing, calling it a “term that is a positive spin on commoditizing and undervaluing thought. Usually random, unconnected, low bid thought.”

Well that says a lot about the nearing-the-dozens crowdsourcery shops springing up across the country. We’ve heard this reaction before and one strong argument against it is this: clients are tired of spending way too much money with big agencies. So why not placate them with curated-but-cheap(er by comparison) campaigns?


Tossing it back, you might say that creatives are disconnected and couldn’t possibly pull something together cohesively. But the thing is &#151 that doesn’t really matter. If clients were happy with the work you were doing they’d have no reason to even consider working with crowdsourcers. And that should be the focus of the conversation.

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